Angels are revered as caring guardians, healers and comforters.  They conjure images of peace and well being.  ‘Be an Angel’ day asks us to take on some of these aspects, even if just for a short time, and to act angelic toward our fellow beings.

Angels are tireless, patient, understanding, and love unconditionally.  They embody the care giver, the mother and the nurturer.  Despite much of their work going unseen they do not waiver, nor does their demeanor falter.  Ever vigilant, angels listen to the needs of others and answer the call with a gentle smile.

It is a simple notion – selflessly help others with an open ear and a warm heart, refusing to allow anything to bring you down.   By demonstrating endless compassion, loving strength, and divine patience we too can be angels each and every day.


Debra Stupka, RN
Debra Stupka, RN

Debra Stupka is a registered nurse at Reverence Home Health and Hospice. She took a moment to share with us her experience, a little about what hospice care means to her and the lessons it has taught … 

‘As a Hospice nurse I have learned to strive for a deep respect of patients/caregivers and their well being. Intention reminds me of what is important not only in my actions but also serves me as a blueprint in life and how I approach humankind.

Hospice honors the ability to connect with another person/family in any given moment and not just on the job. Caring moments can actually be a turning point in anyone’s life if it touches another persons’ humanity.

Hospice is sacred work in that we work with others’ life force and not just our own. There have been times I have wondered if this is the very reason I have crossed so many paths.

Often I get asked if my job is depressing. No it is not, it can be sad at times. As a hospice nurse I am able to lighten burdens, alleviate physical symptoms, encourage open discussions about death, and ease fears allowing more space for patient and family to nurture one another to make as much room for love as possible.

I know death is not an easy subject for most and has to be mentioned at some point in the care and we have recognized when to tread lightly in speaking of death. Peaceful death is an essential human right and the spiritual needs of the dying human have to be met and respected.

For me there is no more charitable act than easing pain, suffering, and at the same time helping the dying to a peaceful transition from this life. Hospice has taught me so much about not judging others, accepting all lifestyles and cultures.

It is a very humanistic approach and we are healers for the patient. Not in the sense that we will cure them but in the sense of providing a peaceful and dignified journey to all.’

Thank you Debra for sharing your voice, and for your service as a hospice nurse.


Camp Bravehearts is a weekend camp for kid’s age 6 to 17 who have lost a loved one. Traditional camp adventures are combined with special activities that teach coping skills, honor memories of a loved one, and offer friendships with others who also are grieving.

The weekend special activities include creative arts, music, grief education, and honoring memories. On Saturday night, the group will launch their handmade memory boats in a ceremony that symbolizes a goodbye to their loved one.

Staff from Reverence Home Health & Hospice who specialize in grief counseling and support will work with the kids throughout the weekend to help them understand their feelings of loss while honoring and cherishing the memories of those special people. Each person expresses grief differently, and the Reverence team is there to help the kids through family issues, feelings of loneliness, and stress management while cherishing the memory of those they have lost.

Kids also can enjoy traditional camp fun all weekend long – hiking, canoeing, swimming, arts and crafts, and group sports. Most activities are outdoors.

This year’s camp will take place Friday, July 20 through Sunday, July 22 at Camp Copneconic in Fenton. There is no cost to attend Camp Bravehearts. To register, please call (810)-579-7588. Spots fill quickly, so be sure to register as soon as possible!

Call to Register Today!


May is Better Speech and Hearing Month, but just what does ASHA, SLP, CCC, mean?

Well ASHA stands for American Speech-Language Hearing Association and SLP stands for Speech and Language Pathologist. They hold a master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited program, complete a postgraduate clinical fellowship, and pass a national examination to receive their professional credential: the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Did you know?

  • 6-8 million Americans have some form of language impairment  (
  • About 1/3 of strokes result in aphasia  (
  • 1 in 5 Americans have hearing loss in at least 1 ear  (
  • At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss  (

What do SLP’s do?

  • They figure out what type of language problem exists, determine what is causing it, and decide on the best treatment.
  • They are specifically educated and prepared to evaluate and treat people who have problems with articulation, fluency, voice, eating, and swallowing.
  • They help re-establish reliable, functional communication to assure patients understand the care being provided.
  • They also have in-depth academic preparation, clinical experience, and research-based knowledge to make them an expert provider of swallowing treatment.
  • Safe and efficient swallowing is vital to preventing pneumonia-related deaths, maintaining nutrition well-being, and preserving the pleasures associated with eating.

Celebrate better hearing and speech month and thank your SLP today!


Grand Blanc, MI, March 3, 2016 — Reverence Home Health & Hospice – Genesys Health System division – was named one of the Top 100 home health agencies in the United States for 2015. HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of agencies and honors them annually with the Award of Excellence.

Winning home health and hospice agencies are ranked by a collection and analysis of publicly available performance measures regarding quality outcomes, best practice implementation, patient experience, quality improvement and consistency, and financial performance.

The 2015 HomeCare Elite list is compiled annually by National Research Corporation and DecisionHealth to recognize the top performing and most successful home care providers in the United States.

“The 2015 HomeCare Elite winners deserve credit for demonstrating high quality care in their communities,” reports Christine Lang, vice president of Product Development for OCS HomeCare, the sponsor of the award. “As quality care initiatives become top-of-mind for healthcare providers, we recognize this as a remarkable achievement.”

Reverence Home Health & Hospice provides care statewide through the Michigan Health Ministries of Ascension – Borgess Health, Genesys Health System, St. John Providence, St. Joseph Health System and St. Mary’s of Michigan.

Reverence offers a comprehensive continuum of home-based care, provided by a specialized, multi-disciplinary team who will partner with patients to develop a personalized plan of care. CONTACT: Daniela Scholl St John Providence Health System, Clinton Twp, MI 586.753.0731 The team includes nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical social workers, registered dietitians and home health aides, who work under the direction of the patient’s physician.

Reverence Home Health & Hospice also offers hospice services, infusion services and grief support. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information on Reverence Home Health & Hospice, call 888-2-HOMECARE.


Grand Blanc, MI December 16, 2015 — To assure pediatric patients receive the right care in the right place by the best specialists possible, Genesys has opened a pediatric hospice suite inside the pediatric unit of the hospital. This special area exclusively for pediatric hospice patients and their family members is designed for patients whose symptoms are not manageable in a home setting, and also for families who need some respite time.

Patients will receive 24/7 care by a pediatric team of nurses and physicians specialty trained to care for pediatric hospice patients. In addition, a full team from Reverence Home Health & Hospice will oversee the patient’s treatment plan and work collaboratively with Genesys pediatric clinicians to ensure all of the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met at all times.

The suite offers many home-like amenities for patient comfort. Pediatric hospice patients have their own bedroom that features a sky light so they can envision they are looking outside on a sunny day, a fish tank with jelly fish that helps to create a sense of calm, soothing colors of nature that contribute to an atmosphere of peacefulness.

Genesys also added an adjoining bedroom with similar home-like features for family members.

According to LaVerne McCombs, director of Reverence Home Health & Hospice, the agency that will oversee the pediatric hospice plan of care, this service desperately was needed in the region. “We now can offer our patients an option that allows them to be much closer to home and family,” she points out.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the pediatric hospice suite became a reality. The suite was named the Eagles Nest on behalf of the Eagles.

To learn more about Pediatric Hospice services offered by Reverence Home Health & Hospice, call 888.2.HOMECARE.


Kalamazoo, MI, Oct 31, 2014 —Reverence Home Health & Hospice, a service of Borgess Health, is a recipient of the 2014 HomeCare Elite™ from OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation and DecisionHealth®. The award recognizes the top-performing home health agencies in the United States.

Now in its ninth year, HomeCare Elite identifies the top 25 percent of all Medicare-certified agencies. Winners are ranked by an analysis of publicly available performance measures in quality outcomes, best practices (process measure) implementation, patient experience (Home Health CAHPS® or HHCAHPS), quality improvement and consistency, and financial performance. In order to be considered, an agency must be Medicare-certified and have data for at least one outcome in Home Health Compare.

“Out of nearly 10,000 agencies considered in the nation, 2,501 are in the elite status,” said Tricia Carson, director, Reverence Home Health & Hospice, a service of Borgess Health. “HomeCare Elite recognizes that we live our Values in the form of Reverence, Wisdom, Creativity and Dedication in our care to others. This unique designation is a significant acknowledgement and showcases our commitment to our Values and the people we serve.”

Reverence Home Health & Hospice, a service of Borgess Health offers home care and hospice services to southwest and southcentral Michigan area residents. It is a member of Reverence Home Health & Hospice that provides care state-wide through the Michigan Health Ministries of Ascension Health – Borgess Health, Genesys Health System, St. John Providence Health System, St. Joseph Health System and St. Mary’s of Michigan. As part of the nation’s largest non-profit Catholic health system, you can have faith in the comprehensive, high quality care and compassion Reverence Home Health & Hospice provides.


Tawas, MI, Sept. 15, 2014 — When emotions run high, health can be compromised. Create a balance in your mind, body, and spirit by nurturing yourself as a whole person. Reverence Home Health & Hospice, as service of St. Joseph Health System, will host a retreat to help you take care of your whole body on your journey toward optimal wellness.

Featured speakers include registered yoga instructor Mary Ann Filka, social worker Renee Diener, and Rev. Sue Hand.

The event will take place on Thursday, October 16 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at 821 Newman in East Tawas.

There is no cost to attend and a free lunch will be provided. For more information about the retreat or to register, contact Renee Diener at (989) 274-5029 or email


Saginaw, MI, July 1, 2014 — Beginning July 1, 2014, Reverence Home Health & Hospice will provide infusion services for patients in the comfort of their own home. This new in-home treatment option is available for all persons needing infusion services within the greater Saginaw and Tuscola county region.

Among the services included are pharmaceutical and nutritional support along with infusion administration and enteral nutrition. The Pharmacokinetic dosing, monitoring and supervision of the compounding of all pharmaceuticals is done by certified, registered pharmacists. Registered nurses work with caregivers and physicians to make a plan of care tailored specifically to the patient, and monitor and assess their progress through therapy. Reverence Home Health & Hospice’s pharmacy is accredited by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). Home infusion services are usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, HMO’s and most private insurances.

Some of the therapies provided by Reverence Home Health & Hospice infusion services include pain management, catheter care management, hydration management and electrolyte replacement. They also offer a variety of patient support services include pre-discharge assessment, lab monitoring, regular monitoring of patient progress and needs, drug information and education and 24-hour on-call service, to name a few.

Reverence Home Health & Hospice offers their Home Infusion Services from two licensed pharmacies: Clinton Township pharmacy, which serves patients within the St. John Providence health system, and the Grand Blanc pharmacy which serves the patients of the Genesys Health System and now St. Mary’s of Michigan. For more information or to arrange services, please contact 888-2-HOMECARE (888-246-6322).


(GENESEE COUNTY, MI) Reverence Home Health & Hospice needs volunteers for its hospice program in Genesee County and surrounding areas. Volunteers are need to visit patients, provide companionship, offer respite for caregivers, drive patients to and from appointments, write letters, read to patients, perform light housework duties and handyman services, and more.

If you are interested, a 12-hour training session will take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings – Aug. 4 through Aug. 13 – from 6 pm to 9 pm at Genesys Administrative Services building in Grand Blanc (5445 Ali Drive).

Training focuses on the hospice philosophy, developing listening skills, gaining awareness of feelings regarding death and dying, patient care, spiritual care and bereavement.

Pre-registration is required and participants are required to attend all four training sessions. Call 810-695-7796 to register.

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