Pediatric Hospice Suite Opens in Grand Blanc

December 16, 2015 by Adminibd0

Grand Blanc, MI December 16, 2015 — To assure pediatric patients receive the right care in the right place by the best specialists possible, Genesys has opened a pediatric hospice suite inside the pediatric unit of the hospital. This special area exclusively for pediatric hospice patients and their family members is designed for patients whose symptoms are not manageable in a home setting, and also for families who need some respite time.

Patients will receive 24/7 care by a pediatric team of nurses and physicians specialty trained to care for pediatric hospice patients. In addition, a full team from Reverence Home Health & Hospice will oversee the patient’s treatment plan and work collaboratively with Genesys pediatric clinicians to ensure all of the patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met at all times.

The suite offers many home-like amenities for patient comfort. Pediatric hospice patients have their own bedroom that features a sky light so they can envision they are looking outside on a sunny day, a fish tank with jelly fish that helps to create a sense of calm, soothing colors of nature that contribute to an atmosphere of peacefulness.

Genesys also added an adjoining bedroom with similar home-like features for family members.

According to LaVerne McCombs, director of Reverence Home Health & Hospice, the agency that will oversee the pediatric hospice plan of care, this service desperately was needed in the region. “We now can offer our patients an option that allows them to be much closer to home and family,” she points out.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the pediatric hospice suite became a reality. The suite was named the Eagles Nest on behalf of the Eagles.

To learn more about Pediatric Hospice services offered by Reverence Home Health & Hospice, call 888.2.HOMECARE.

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