Respect and love lead the way to peaceful transitions

July 5, 2018 by Adminibd
Debra Stupka, RN
Debra Stupka, RN

Debra Stupka is a registered nurse at Reverence Home Health and Hospice. She took a moment to share with us her experience, a little about what hospice care means to her and the lessons it has taught … 

‘As a Hospice nurse I have learned to strive for a deep respect of patients/caregivers and their well being. Intention reminds me of what is important not only in my actions but also serves me as a blueprint in life and how I approach humankind.

Hospice honors the ability to connect with another person/family in any given moment and not just on the job. Caring moments can actually be a turning point in anyone’s life if it touches another persons’ humanity.

Hospice is sacred work in that we work with others’ life force and not just our own. There have been times I have wondered if this is the very reason I have crossed so many paths.

Often I get asked if my job is depressing. No it is not, it can be sad at times. As a hospice nurse I am able to lighten burdens, alleviate physical symptoms, encourage open discussions about death, and ease fears allowing more space for patient and family to nurture one another to make as much room for love as possible.

I know death is not an easy subject for most and has to be mentioned at some point in the care and we have recognized when to tread lightly in speaking of death. Peaceful death is an essential human right and the spiritual needs of the dying human have to be met and respected.

For me there is no more charitable act than easing pain, suffering, and at the same time helping the dying to a peaceful transition from this life. Hospice has taught me so much about not judging others, accepting all lifestyles and cultures.

It is a very humanistic approach and we are healers for the patient. Not in the sense that we will cure them but in the sense of providing a peaceful and dignified journey to all.’

Thank you Debra for sharing your voice, and for your service as a hospice nurse.

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