The Gift of Volunteering for Hospice

February 1, 2019 by Adminibd

Jim (pictured on the right) trained as a Hospice Associate/Volunteer in March of 2018 and was assigned to visit our patient Doug (pictured on the left), 88, in May. Although Jim saw other patients as well, Doug held a special place in Jim’s heart for their unique connection of shared faith and life values.

Since Doug’s passing in early January, Jim has felt this loss deeply, but shares his joy for having had a special role in Doug’s journey at his end-of-life.

While at Doug’s Funeral Celebration, Jim reflected on the many stories that Doug had shared of his childhood and his life, and often quotes a favorite saying of Doug’s that exemplified his life, and was shared in their weekly visits many times over:

“Everyone is my friend.”

Volunteer Jim attended Doug’s funeral and submitted the following report:

“As I finish my last report on Doug it is with great sorrow and great joy!  It has been an experience that I will cherish the rest of my life. From a patient to a friend that I grew to love and respect with each visit.

As I sat in the Home going celebration with his family and friends, I was so aware of God and the love that this man had for his family and friends. I am reminded of something he said many times – “Everyone is my friend.”  Approximately 300 people attended and I was able to give sympathy to his daughter Patricia and his son Dennis. I met several of Doug’s family members. A special announcement was given in thanks to Ascension at Home Reverence Home Health and Hospice. A very big thank you for the great service given to Doug and his family by the Team!

As I put closure on this experience I want to thank our Volunteer Coordinator and the rest of the team for giving me the opportunity to serve with you for God.

I am reminded of what Jesus said … to love God, love people, and love through serving. God Bless! 

I am fully convinced that Doug and I will meet again in heaven.

Thanks again, Jim.”

Becoming a Reverence hospice volunteer can lead to unexpected relationships and life experiences.

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