You Can Be An Angel

August 22, 2018 by Adminibd

Angels are revered as caring guardians, healers and comforters.  They conjure images of peace and well being.  ‘Be an Angel’ day asks us to take on some of these aspects, even if just for a short time, and to act angelic toward our fellow beings.

Angels are tireless, patient, understanding, and love unconditionally.  They embody the care giver, the mother and the nurturer.  Despite much of their work going unseen they do not waiver, nor does their demeanor falter.  Ever vigilant, angels listen to the needs of others and answer the call with a gentle smile.

It is a simple notion – selflessly help others with an open ear and a warm heart, refusing to allow anything to bring you down.   By demonstrating endless compassion, loving strength, and divine patience we too can be angels each and every day.

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